A brief history of Charlton Athletic FC

Charlton Athletic Football Club is an English professional federation placed in Charlton, a district of south-east London, England. They presently contest in the EFL Championship which is the second level of English football. It is a symbolic organization due to its remarkable history and achievements. One of the most outstanding prizes was winning the FA Cup in 1947, as reported on this website.

Early days

The club was established on 10th June 1905, when a few teen clubs in south-east London, together with East Street Mission and Blundell Mission, connected to compose Charlton Athletic. Their roots originate from the Valley, where the team has played since 1919, apart from a few years when the Valley was being reestablished. Charlton turned professional in 1920 and first entered the Football League in 1921. Later, in the end of 1932, Jimmy Seed was appointed as the manager of Charlton FC. During his leadership, the club achieved the most significant success. Thus, he is commemorated in the name of a stand at the Valley. An interesting fact about him is that he was also a great footballer, despite the fact he suffered the consequences of poison gas in the First World War.

The eighties and nineties

In 1984 the club had financial difficulties and had to change the name to Charlton Athletic. They were even obliged to leave the Valley at the start of the 85-86 season. This happened due to the criticism of the safety measures at the stadium after a fire caused damages. The club started to train together with C. Palace at Selhurst Park. It lasted for a long time as Charlton did not have enough money to renovate the Valley according to standards. However, this was not an obstacle for Charlton as they were promoted to the First Division. They became the Second Division runners-up at the end of the 86’ season. What is more, they remained at this stage for 4 years. The most notable match was against Leeds in 87’, when the Addicks (the nickname of the team) won in ET. Later, in 1992, the club was forced to trade with players such as the legend Rob Lee to be able to cope with the costs for a return to The Valley. Eventually, this happened in December 1992. The club was home again!

Colors and badges

Charlton has used various symbols and emblems since its establishment. However, the present pattern has not been altered since the year of 1968. The oldest badge, which was designed in the 1930s, consisted of the letters CAF in the shape of a club from a pack of playing cards. In the 1940s, the image was changed into a robin sitting in a football within a shield. The letters CAFC were written in the four-quarters of the shield. It was worn at the finals of 1946 FA. In the last years of the 1940s and the beginning of the 1950s, the crest of the former metropolitan district of Greenwich was selected as a symbol of the club.